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All people are different.

There is no doubt that no person could be alike. We differ from each other in stature, face features, color of our eyes, age, profession, education, nationality. This list could be unlimited; and all these features form an imaginary multi-dimensional space characterizing a person. Each of us is to be found in a certain point or area of this space. Looking for the proper spouse, friend, or colleague, we make an imaginary search through this space of characteristics. 

We often fail to find a right partner

As our every day experience suggests, next to the "superficial" characterization, a person could be described by extended number of psychological parameters which are less transparent, but more important. Although you can make a relatively good image of someone's appearance, it is extremely hard to see through someone. This is why we misunderstand the behavior of our close friends, relatives, and partners. Therefore, all these failures occur: divorce, loneliness, bankruptcy, and so many others. 

We determine your psychological type to help you to find the right partner

An obvious reason we can see is that we happen to stick together with a person whose psychological type doesn't match ours. We have conducted a test to determine your psychological type and to help you to find the congenial soul that perfectly matches your type. 

To participate in this test you just have to provide us with some information by checking boxes below which most exactly describe your thoughts, your state or your mood (you may check more than one box):